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The Ordine Iniziatico dei Cavalieri della Luce is non-political and open to all worthy Italian or foreign citizens, regardless of religion, beliefs or social status. What matters are not natural or biological ties, but the sharing of the same aspiration (ideal) and loyalty.

The aim of the Order is to establish a traditionally-minded Society of Men, capable of igniting a process that will lead one back to primordial spirituality. The Order therefore seeks to foster warm feelings of brotherhood and mutual understanding, so as to strengthen the bonds of moral and material solidarity between its affiliates, nourishing an ideal spirit that will produce honest Men of lofty principles, willing to embody the very essence of Tradition – Men critical of the modern world, yet sharply in tune with their times, to make up for its dearth of values.

With this aim in view, the O.I.C.L. shows the greatest openness in everyday life matters, in the name of tolerance, freedom and anti-dogmatism – which also means contributing to improving the human condition.


Tradĕre ante omnia

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