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Nicola Crea


The Reale Ordine Iniziatico dei Cavalieri della Luce (Royal Initiatory Order of the Knights of the Light – O.I.C.L.), as a witness to traditional initiatory continuity, defends the ancient principles and immutable values of Tradition. It does so through the study of symbols and esoteric research, with the aid of ritual – understood not merely as a form of ceremonial or emotional engagement, but as an action and bridge that grants access to the superior paths of being.

The O.I.C.L. counts itself among the links in that solid chain which preserves the transmission of the metaphysical reality of contact across Time (a chain sometimes visible, at other times concealed, but always enduring as the universal axis of a manifest Centre which is nourished by heroic spiritual action, not forms of contemplation).

As a Sovereign Knightly Order, the O.I.C.L. abides by laws of its own and enjoys full freedom in matters of spiritual guidance or internal management. Nevertheless, it is officially a part of Massoneria Antica Universale (Ancient Universal Freemasonry, a federation which is utterly foreign to – and distant from – the better-known speculative freemasonry, a profane and lobby-like entity that lies behind many well-known deviations). The O.I.C.L. adheres to this wider body through it own Main Lodge and collaborates with it through some of its members, who have been elected to the highest ranks within the Federation.

In compliance with Italian law, in 1998 the Ordine Iniziatico dei Cavalieri della Luce established itself as an association, in order to meet a series of requirements that call for the utmost transparency.

The O.I.C.L. is based in Genoa.

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